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Ultimate tensile strength test

Ultimate tensile strength test other called maximal mechanical tensile test which used to measure the ability to withhold mechanical loads of products.

This is a mechanical test where a pulling force is applied to a material from both sides until the sample changes its shape or breaks.┬áIt’s is a common and important test that provides a variety of information about the material being tested, including the elongation, yield point, tensile strength, and ultimate strength of the material.

Jera proceed this test on below products

-Pole line suspension clamps

-Preformed guy grips

-ADSS strain dead ends

-Stainless steel bands

-FTTH drop clamps

-Strain clamps

Endurance test on failure tension testing equipment under mechanical and thermal stresses with oscillation stress has different values according to standard IEC 61284 for overhead fiber optic cable, and accessories.

We use following standards test on new products before launching, also for the daily production, in order to make sure ours customer could receive products which meet quality requirements.

Our internal laboratory is capable to proceed such a series of standard related type tests.

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