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Insertion and return losses test

The loss of signal, which occurs along the length of a fiber optic link, is called insertion loss, and insertion loss test is for measuring the losses of light appears in fiber optic core and fiber optic cable connections. The measurement of the amount of light that is reflected back toward the source is called return loss test. and insertion loss and return loss are all measured in decibels(dBs).

Regardless of type, when a signal travels through a system or a component, power (signal) loss is unavoidable. When light passes through the fiber, if the loss is very small, it will not affect the quality of the optical signal. The higher the loss, the lower the amount reflected. Therefore, the higher the return loss, the lower the reflection and the better the connection.

Jera proceed test on below products

-Fiber optic drop cables

-Fiber optical adapters

-Fiber optical patch cords

-Fiber optical pigtails

-Fiber optical PLC splitters

For fiber core connections test is operated by IEC-61300-3-4 (Method B)standards. Procedure IEC-61300-3-4 (Method C) standards.

We use test equipment in our daily quality testing,To ensure our customer could receive products which meet quality requirements. Our internal laboratory is capable to proceed such a series of standard related type tests.

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