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Corrosion aging test

Corrosion aging test other called Salty chamber test. Test simulates different weather conditions, high humidity, aggressive corrosion, high temperature to assess the corrosion resistance of products or metal spare parts. This test help us to examine the quality of products or materials to make sure our product can be able to applied in different harsh climatic conditions.

We proceed this tests on below products

-FTTH drop wire clamp

-FTTH brackets

-Stainless steel band

-Stainless steel buckles

-Relevant metal accessories

Test chamber was preformed automatically, which can avoid human mistakes to make sure the the authenticity and precision of the experiment. Test simulates near sea weather condition where has Corrosive ingredient: sodium chloride and it will damage the metal fittings. This test is one of most important for metal fittings, just like tension ball wires, and shells of tension clamps, metal parts of fiber optic splice closures.

The corrosion, temperature, humidity ratio and time have different values according to standard IEC 61284 for overhead fiber optic cable, and accessories.Our internal laboratory is capable to proceed such a series of standard related type tests.

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