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Metal Spectrometer Test

The test usually proceed when raw materials come to our warehouse, used on stainless steel or aluminum alloy as an inspection to materials. The principal purpose of the metal spectrometer test is to ensure materials include essential metallic element to have enough rust proof, tensile strength and hardness ability.

Jera line proceed this test on below products

-Anchor clamps with stainless steel wire
-Stainless steel band strap
-Stainless steel buckle
-Aluminum alloy hook or brackets

The technology used in these instruments allows for fast, accurately analysis of samples without the need to process or transport samples to a laboratory. This reduces turnaround time, enabling onsite testing of samples and making the data available quickly.

Through the test which make us be more confident in our products, and ensure our customer could receive products which meet quality requirements. Our internal laboratory is capable to proceed such a series of standard related type tests.

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