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Material hardness test

Hardness measuring test is used to ensure that the products or material can resist mechanical impact during installation or use with other relevant products. It’s one of the important indexes to detect the properties of materials, hardness test can reflect the differences in chemical composition, tissue structure and treatment technology of materials.

The principal purpose of the hardness test is to determine the suitability of materials for a given application. Common materials such as steel, plastic, ribbon has its resistance to deformation, bending, tread quality, tension, piercing.

Jera proceed this test on below products

-Fiber optic clamps

-Fiber optic distribution boxes

-FTTH brackets

-Fiber optic drop cable

-Fiber optical splice closure

We use manual rockwell hardness testing machine to test ferrous metal products and materials, also use shore hardness testing machine to test plastic and ribbon materials.

We use test equipment in our daily quality testing, so that our customer could receive products which meet quality requirements. Our internal laboratory is capable to proceed such a series of standard related type tests.

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